Trauma is not what most people think it is.  Most people think trauma as a significant, distressing or disturbing event.   While this is true, trauma is not about the event itself but how one feels about the event.  It is what happens inside a person that is the traumatic piece; whether the individual reflexively turns to fight, flight, freeze, faint, or fawn.   

Therefore, what might not be a traumatic experience for one person may be for another.  How one reacts to a traumatic event depends on many factors such as perspective, resiliency level, supports, connections, environment, family of origin, etc.  There is really no way of predicting how one will respond to trauma.  

What we do know is that all trauma occurs in the same part of the brain, whether it be physical or psychological and gaining access to the deep brain is more effective using brain-body therapies.  Talk therapy can't heal trauma as trauma occurs in the deeper brain.  Processing and releasing trauma at its root is the key to healing while integrating brain regulation techniques and brain health changes in the long term promote overall health.

Outpatient treatment for trauma allows the individual the time, space, and support within an intensive format to learn, manage, and heal for optimal brain health.


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GPS Inc. has moved all services online.  All current services can be administered online via Zoom. 

This may be a big change for some clients but has proven to be as effective, if not more effective than in-person sessions due to factors such as staying in the comfort of your own home, no travel time, and increased attunement from the therapist.    

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