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Brain Health

The Art & Science of Healing

Brain health is whole health. 


"What is in the brain is in the body and what is in the body is in the brain."  Dr. David Grand 2003

We can't separate brain and body.  If we try to help clients with issues using talk therapy alone, we are providing a disservice as our deep brain and physiology play a significant role in our overall health. 

We want clients to know it is all brain stuff.  It is not a character or moral defect.  As Dr. Daniel Amen notes, "Shame holds too many people back from getting the help they need. No one is shamed for cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, even though they have significant lifestyle contributions. Likewise, no one should be shamed for depression, panic disorders, bipolar disorder, addictions, schizophrenia, or any other condition. But people with these issues are often blamed for their condition, called names, or told to “just get over it.” We strive to end the stigma around getting help.

At Guidance Professional Services, we strive to provide services that are based on science with the skillful art of therapy.  It is the art and science of healing.  It is not about finding the one therapy, the one exercise, the one food, the one relationship that will be the key to unlocking all the mysteries of our symptoms and behaviours.  It is a skillful combination of a number of changes that will make the difference.  This is the concept behind brain health.  

All Brain Health options available online.  

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