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An intensive is exactly what it sounds like - a focus on a specific issue for a shorter period of time; it is very thorough and vigorous.  Intensives are longer therapy sessions, such as 2-3 hours for one or more days as opposed to one per week for weeks on end. Intensives are a great alternative to regular weekly therapy for those that do not have the time to meet weekly or monthly (ex. oilfield personnel) or those that want to dive in deep and address the issues head on.   

Intensives are offered for the following:  physical pain (fibromyalgia, chronic pain, etc.), weight management (eating disorders, weight loss, etc.), and addictions (chemical, behaviour, etc.), to name just a few. 

Intensives are not for everyone and require an initial history intake and completion of assessments along with an observation period to determine if it is an appropriate fit.  Intensives are difficult and require commitment, focus, determination, and self-regulation but are also very rewarding and life changing.  

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