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Neurocognitive Testing

Measure Your

Brain Health

  • Assess a broad spectrum of brain function performance or domains under challenge

  • Neuro - Memory, Reaction Time, Executive Function, MS, TBI/Concussion, etc.

  • Psych - ADD, Substance abuse, Depression/Anxiety, PTSD, Eating Disorders, etc.

  • Detect to prevent

  • Efficient & Objective

  • Reliable & Valid

  • Quick & Easy to administer

Monitor Your Brain to Improve Outcomes

  • Grade the level of neurocognitive impairment to rule-in or rule-out clinical conditions and/or determine the level of impairment 

  • Maintain to prevent

  • Baseline Testing

  • Results used to optimize treatment

  • A variety of techniques, therapies, and community referrals

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