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Map - Helping you NAVIGATE through life

Talk Therapy

Helping You NAVIGATE through life

Image by Annie Spratt

Change begins with insight.   Insight comes from information gathered, reflected on, and considered.  Talk therapy gives us these opportunities so we can begin working toward the changes we wish to see in ourselves.  


Individual therapy is specifically arranged for individuals to learn more about themselves; reasons they do what they do, and think what they think.  With these insights and steps for creating change, relationships can be enhanced and life more fulfilling.

Couples therapy is specifically arranged for partners to learn more about each other,  how to interact in a healthy manner, how to manage their relationship, and how to grow and become the best they can be; in and out of the relationship.  

Family therapy is specifically arranged for families to learn more about themselves, each other, family dynamics, managing relationships, and parenting.  

All therapies are hinged on each individual becoming more self-aware, knowledgeable, and regulated.  As we begin to get to know ourselves better, we can express ourselves purposely and accurately so others can understand us more completely, leading to better relationship outcomes.   There is nothing more important or necessary for humans than connection. 

All Talk Therapy options available online.  

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