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Human potential is limitless.  Our brains are limitless.  There is no ceiling to what we can do.  To better ourselves is to reach a level we have not currently been, yet even when we succeed, we now have a higher level to reach.  It is endless.  Expansion is the process to describe our limitless potential as humans, just like the expansion of the universe.  No matter how far we go, we can always go further.  

Expansives are offered for the following:  Physical Performance (sports, movement - dance, etc., acting, and more), Mental Performance (test preparation, test taking, skills recall, etc.), and Corporate or Leadership Performance (sales, management, leadership, etc.), to name just a few. 

Unlike intensives, expansives are for everyone.  Expansives are for making you better, the best you can be.  Although, expansives include a history intake, they are meant to expand on the best parts of you presently.  If other pieces arise in the process, these will require other measures and will need to be addressed outside the expansives.    

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