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Family Therapy

Family Therapy is counselling which consists of two or more individuals from any type of family structure including, but not limited to nuclear, step, blended, same sex, and possibly uncles, aunts, and grandparents.  

Typically, family therapy is to help members of the family understand family dynamics better and to learn how to communicate and adopt specific roles within the family unit.  

At GPS, we believe all members of a family unit are healthier and more successful at relationships when they are also involved in individual work.  Children are healthier, more resilient, adaptive, well-rounded, and connected when parents have the skills and knowledge to understand how child development affects the brains of children and adolescents.  When we expect what we should expect from children, they thrive.  When we learn to connect and repair regularly while maintaining strong boundaries and consistency, children and adolescents flourish.  

Learning more about ourselves, child and adolescent development, principles and values, and key skills leads to more successful family relationships.

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