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Sports Performance System 

What is the Brainspotting Sports Performance System?

The Brainspotting Performance System identifies and targets performance problems stuck in the athlete’s brain and body, down to the roots of the Repetitive Sports Performance Problem (RSPP). “It uses activation of the left-right brain by moving sound between both hemispheres in addition to a process that uses eye position to locate and release trauma, all helping the athlete “process through” the underlying trauma (personal and/or injury related) feeding his or her performance difficulties.” (David Grand, Founder & Alan Goldberg, Sports Psychologist).

Who can it help?

  • Professional, elite, amateur, and retired athletes

  • Recreational/weekend warriors

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What can it help?


  • Performance/anticipatory anxiety

  • Performance slumps/blocks

  • Loss of confidence

  • Lack of focus

  • Routine plays in pivotal moments

  • Criticisms (coaches, teammates, peers, parents, spectators, self)

  • Humiliations (coaches, teammates, peers, parents, spectators, self)

  • Poor performance/s

  • Loss (family/friend/teammate)

  • Difficult practice/game/competition

  • Family/home issues

  • School/work issues

  • Life changes/transitions


  • Over Exertion

  • Injuries (any) – no matter how minute

  • Head injuries (any) or medically diagnosed concussion

  • Loss of function/ability

  • Nausea before/during performances

  • Feeling frozen/unable to move

  • Anticipation of pain after injury recovery

  • Little to no active recovery

  • Little to none or incorrect cooling down

  • Little to none or incorrect warming up

  • Lack of or no stretching

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Poor diet

  • Physical and psychological act of developing and growing. 

Click on the link above to learn more about the science behind Brainspotting and how it applies specifically to sports and athletes in general, including injuries and concussions.  In addition to sports, Brainspotting can be used for artists, performers, and business people to expand performance.  

To learn the differences between traditional sports psychology and the Brainspotting Sports Performance System, please click on the link above.  In addition to deeper, more impactful results, the BSP Performance System can expand current performance levels allowing you to perform at the highest level.  

For parents, coaches, trainers, and/or athletes interested in learning more about GPS and/or have any questions related to the Brainspotting Sports Performance System, please click on the link above to access the Team Package Example or contact Stephen directly using the contact info below. 

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