Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a safe, inviting, and collaborative setting that involves a moderator (typically the counsellor) and any number of participants, usually to discuss or share one particular topic or to connect as one specific population (example is Alcoholics Anonymous for Alcoholics).  

At Guidance Professional Services, we offer three groups for specific populations to give participants the ability to connect with like-minded individuals.  Men for Men is a group focused on the needs of men, for men, by men.  This group allows men to see other men open and vulnerable and connect on a deeper level.  Women for Women is a group focused on the needs of women, for women, by women.  This group allows women to connect, empower, and support each other with various issues.  Teens for teens is a group focused on the needs of teens, for teens, by teens.  This group allows teens to address teen problems with non-judgmental support and with expectations that match development.  The fourth group, For the Health of it, is for anyone wanting to address health issues in general from an overall brain health perspective.  The common thread among all four groups are the brain-body therapies and techniques used in group sessions to help participants get to the root cause of issues for deep, complete healing.


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